Lefty Frizell 20 Golden Hits
Country Music USA

Lefty Frizell 20 Golden Hits


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Left Frizell's 20 Greatest Hits on LP!

  1. If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time
  2. I Love You A Thousand Ways
  3. Look What Thoughts Will Do
  4. I Want To Be With You Always
  5. Always Late (With Your Kisses)
  6. Mom And Dad’s Waltz
  7. Travelin’ Blues
  8. Give Me More, More, More Of Your Kisses
  9. Don’t Stay Away
  10. Forever
  11. Release Me
  12. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
  13. The Long Black Veil
  14. Saginaw, Michigan
  15. She’s Gone, Gone, Gone
  16. Watermelon Time In Georgia
  17. The Waltz Of Angels
  18. Signed, Sealed, And Delivered
  19. California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)
  20. How Long Will It Take (To Stop Loving You)

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